Culture is one of the integral parts of life because it provides people with a good guide and teaches about ways of living. Culture is represented in clothing, food, festivals, ethics and now has also become part of decorative items. Culture in one way or other adds to the beauty of life and allows one to relish their culture and traditions in numerous ways. The idea of home decor has been on the rise and is majorly influenced by the culture at contemporary times. People are driving towards more classic and cultural options because of the charm it has to offer. Individuals incorporate culture through antique furniture UAE in their housing. Indians have always been practising the idea of incorporating Indian antique decor into their homes and value their culture by adding it to their lives and home.

Following is the list of cultural decor items primarily found in any Indian housing:

  1. Hindu God statues: Culture is primarily influenced by religion which can be depicted through decor items. Their religion mainly influences Indian culture. Every housing decorates their home with statues of God and looks for the most beautiful and graceful statues to add to the beauty of their home and maintain the aspect of culture.
  1. Embroidered cushions: Embroidery is one of the ways to represent culture, and people invest a lot of time and effort in designing the best cushions. Indian housings enhance and uplift the look of their homes by giving them an artistic touch with the help of embroidered pillows.
  1. Wall frames: One of the most used decorative items is wall frames. Almost every Indian house is loaded with cultural paintings and beautiful frames that grab the attention of the people visiting. Wall frames enhance the look of the home and represent their culture artistically.
  1. Traditional and classic lamps: Lamps illuminate the home and give charm to it. Artistic and classic lamp designs are widely used to decorate their places. Lamps are placed primarily in bedrooms and living rooms and provide a beautiful look to the home.
  1. Flower pots: Indian homes are enriched with the aura of fresh flowers placed with culturally designed pots. The art used to create flower pots is influenced by the culture and gives a classic look to the home, and freshens the environment with beautiful flowers and their smell.

India is all about different cultures that are valued and embraced by people. One of the reasons India is always lightened up and illuminating is because they celebrate each and everyone’s cultural aspects with joy and have started using decorative cultural items to give a traditional appearance to their home. Indian antique decor has become essential because of the increased demand, and almost every house has one of those. People have started preferring antique furniture UAE over modern designs because the magic of classic and cultural items is unbeatable. Bright up the home with decor and cultural spark.

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